A session at Molly's Pre-school

A regular routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each session is properly structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities.

The daily routine at a glance

Langafel Am and 

New Ash Green Am sessions



08:50 - 09.15 am

09.15 - 09.20am

Arrival and registration time

Circle time and visual timetable

09:20 -10:45 am Free play, focus work and snack time

10.45- 10:55am.

10.55 - 11.00am

Tidy up time

Large group singing/dancing

11:00 - 11.20am Small Group activities older/younger children split
11.20 -11.40am Storytime
11.40- 11.50am Show and share and coats on
11.50am Home time


Lunchtime 11.50-12.35pm

Get lunch boxes, wash hands, sit with friends, eat lunch. Pack away and re-wash hands

Langafel  and

New Ash Green  mon- thurs sessions

12.35 - 12.40pm

Welcome, self registration, hang up coat and bag, play

12.40 - 1.00pm

Register, circle time, phonics, write dance


Focus work

1.20 - 2.45pm

Free play


Tidy up time

3.00 - 3.25

Singing, dancing and story time


Coats on and zip and button practise


Home time